About Us



We offer a variety of uniquely handcrafted leather and fabric goods made here in the USA. Our items are not mass produced but designed with attention to detail and high quality materials. Our leather is sourced from American tanneries as well as some abroad but with quality in mind.  We also try to minimize waste and use our remnant pieces for jewelry and small accessories.

While trends are fun, we design from inspiration. Our goal is to provide you with unique fashion.  We hope you find something that suits your style.  



Johannes leather began after Valerie stepped down from a 20 year career in healthcare.  One day she walked into a local leather shop with her mother and instantly knew she wanted to start working with leather. 
After years of developing her skills in leather craft and selling her products, her mother, Janet, joined her in 2020.  Janet has over 50 years of sewing experience working with fabrics, color and home decor. Together, they combined their knowledge to create one of a kind leather and fabric goods in their home town of Cincinnati, Ohio.



Johannes is a family name. He is our great grandfather who traveled with his family from Denmark to the United States.  He represents a long line of artists, musicians and inventors in our family. His name means “God is gracious.” It so happens to be the meaning of Valerie's middle name and Janet's first name.  It seemed fitting and so Johannes became the chosen name for our business.


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